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Brookline, Boston and Salem Divorce Lawyer

Are you considering divorce? Has your spouse filed for divorce? Whatever situation you are in, a skilled divorce lawyer from Koufman & Frederick, LLP, can effectively provide you with the legal help you need at this time. Our law firm provides personalized, solution-oriented representation as we work toward settlement agreements that protect your rights and are in your best interests. At the same time, we prepare for trial so that we negotiate from a position of strength and are ready to advocate for your best interests and that of your children in court.

Contact one of our Boston and Salem divorce attorneys today. We will take the time to understand all the details of your case and work with you in achieving your goals. Call us at 978-745-2212.

Boston Property Division Attorney Handling Child and Spousal Support

Throughout our divorce practice, we work closely with our clients. One of our attorneys can serve as your strongest advocate and advisor. We work with you to develop strategies that successfully assert your rights. We seek the best possible outcome for your future and obtain this by whatever method is most advisable for you. Whether through litigation, mediation or collaboratively with the other party, we can help you with the following issues:

  • Property division: All marital property, assets and debts will be divided equitably. Our divorce attorneys strive to reach fair property settlement agreements. We know that "equitable" does not always mean "equal," and we are prepared to stand up for our clients' rights at the negotiation table and, if necessary, in the courtroom. Talk to us today about division of your marital home, vacation home, vehicles, business interests, bank accounts, 401(k) plans, investments, credit card debt, and all property, assets and debts that were amassed during your marriage.
  • Issues affecting your children: Child custody and child support are divorce decisions that will directly affect your children. Our law firm consistently and aggressively advocates for the best interests of our clients and their children. We take every measure to avoid contention, knowing that a relatively amicable divorce will serve the children well in the future.
  • Spousal support (alimony): Spousal support is an area that requires experience to successfully negotiate. We will get the information needed and then aggressively pursue a fair support figure for you based on the facts at hand.
  • Post-decree issues: We handle disputes that can arise months and years after a divorce has been finalized. Issues include contempt when one party is not following court orders and modifications to existing agreements that arise when there has been a significant change in material conditions.
  • Divorce for retirees/professionals: Our law firm is experienced in working out the financial details in divorce cases where one person handled the homemaker and child care duties allowing the other to advance professionally. It is also becoming more common for couples to divorce later in life. Call us today if you are nearing or beyond retirement years and are considering divorce.

Fair and Just Settlements

Koufman & Frederick, LLP, strives to obtain fair divorce settlement agreements that satisfy your goals and help you look forward to life after divorce.

Allow us to help you through these hard times by calling us today to schedule your consultation. We can be reached at 978-745-2212. You may also contact one of our Massachusetts divorce lawyers here. We are available for after-hours and weekend appointments.

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