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Salem, Boston, Brookline Criminal Defense Attorneys

Salem, Boston and Brookline Criminal Defense Attorneys

When faced with potential or actual criminal charges, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible in order to protect yourself, safeguard your rights and understand your options. Your attorney's quick and deliberate action early on can often reduce your exposure to criminal penalties as well as to potential anxiety and expense.

When the police are knocking at your door in regard to your conduct or that of your child, do not be fooled. Too often police give the false impression that if you cooperate, they will extend to you the courtesy of not pursing charges. You should contact an experienced criminal attorney immediately before you even consider speaking with the police.

If you or a family member is accused of a crime and in need of an experienced criminal trial lawyer to protect your rights, contact our firm to schedule a free initial consultation. As past prosecutors and then as current defense attorneys, our partners at Koufman & Frederick, LLP, have engaged in numerous criminal trials so they can effectively defend you by asserting your state and federal constitutional rights.

Charged with, arrested for or under investigation for a crime? Call our law firm in Salem, Boston & Brookline today at 978-745-2212. Our lawyers are available for evening or weekend appointments with you, as well as jail conferences.

A Strong Defense Team Fighting for You

We respond smartly and swiftly to the charges, investigating the evidence and building a solid defense on your behalf. We handle all state misdemeanor and felony offenses. Talk to us today if you or a family member is having a problem with any of the following:

  • OUI / DWI: Save your driver's license and stay out of jail. Talk to one of our defense lawyers today.
  • Assault / domestic violence / restraining orders: Have you been charged with assault or another violent crime or issued a restraining order? We can begin working on your defense today.
  • Sex crimes: If convicted of a sex crime such as sexual assault or rape, you face jail time and mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender.
  • Guns or weapons charges: If you have been charged with a gun crime in conjunction with another crime, you face enhanced penalties.
  • White collar crimes: White collar crimes can include fraud, embezzlement, Internet fraud, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud and more. We handle the defense of all white collar crimes, including fraud, embezzlement and theft.
  • Underage Drinking: If your child has been arrested for underage drinking you can take an immediate step toward protecting your child's future. Some schools will take disciplinary action against your child, and they may also face penalties within the juvenile justice system. Our firm understands that you have many concerns about your child's future, and we take these concerns seriously.
  • Criminal record sealing: It may be possible to have your criminal record sealed, which means your past mistakes do not have to follow you around for life. Talk to us to learn if you qualify.
  • Some criminal situations can involve instances of police brutality and civil rights violations. Our firm is highly adept at assisting people who are victimized by law enforcement during a stop and/or arrest.

Vigorous Defense for Massachusetts Drug Crimes

We handle the defense of all state misdemeanor and felony drug crimes including possession of marijuana over an ounce, possession with intent to distribute, drug sales and distribution.

Allow us to defend you or your family member by asserting your or his/her constitutional rights. Contact us today to schedule your consultation by calling 978-745-2212. You may also complete an online contact form. We are available for after-hours and weekend appointments.

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