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Civil Rights Defense

Civil Rights Defense Attorneys from Boston, Salem & Brookline

For the last 20 years, attorneys at Koufman & Frederick, LLP, have worked closely with third party administrators, claims managers, health care providers and clients to successfully defend them from civil rights claims. As counsel to individuals and corporations, we strive to keep each client and their representatives well informed of the status of each claim by submitting regular reports and promptly responding to client inquiries.

We will work to accurately assess the merit of your claim and the strength of a potential case before advising on a plan of action. Your needs and best interests will always be taken into account before advising on options which could include a settlement through mediation, disposing of the claim by a motion to dismiss, a summary judgment, or trial.

The decided-upon strategy will be carried out in a cost-efficient manner, always keeping in mind the anticipated budget and the need to be flexible as the case progresses. We will keep you informed of any new developments in the case and will only veer from our plan of action with good cause, and your consent.

Massachusetts Civil Rights Defense

If your case should go to trial, we will conduct the necessary discovery and will consult with well-qualified experts, to ensure we are thoroughly prepared. At trial, we will use our experience, trial skills and the knowledge and qualifications of our specialized experts to vigorously defend you.

At Koufman & Frederick, LLP, we have the experience that is needed to handle the complexities of civil rights claims. This includes acute attention to detail with respect to liability, various immunities, obligations of the client to indemnify other entities, and protections against the potential for adverse judgments that could include attorney fees and punitive damages. As experienced counsel, we have a sound working knowledge with respect to each of these issues, and have a track record of success with respect to defending our clients against civil rights claims.

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