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Choose a Qualified and Experienced Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer

After a bicycle accident, there is a lot to think about. For instance, you need to determine who will pay your medical bills, how you will be recovering from injuries, and who will be covering the damages to your bicycle. Lawyers at Koufman & Frederick, LLP are experienced advocates and can help you determine the answers to these questions.

Common accidents that occur involving bicyclists also involve vehicles, defective products, attacks by dogs, and uneven roadways. Bicyclists that experience accidents are often also victims of negligence on the part of a motor vehicle operator who misjudged the cyclists speed. Sometimes motor vehicle operators fail to appreciate the velocity of a cyclist and overtake the cyclist before making a turn. This situation is all too common in Boston, and can be the cause of injuries ranging from broken bones to brain trauma. The attorneys at Koufman & Frederick, LLP are familiar with these cases and prepare every motor vehicle accident as if it were going to trial. This strategy ensures the best outcomes for our clients, and will help you secure the outcome you deserve.

Bicycle accidents in Massachusetts often require experienced and tested trial attorneys. Juror bias in bicycle cases needs to be overcome because many jurors do not ride bicycles themselves, or have not for many years. Lawyers at Koufman & Frederick, LLP are strong litigators who come across extremely well to jurors and have experienced significant success in front of juries throughout Massachusetts. Please call in today to schedule your free consultation.

Massachusetts law allows victims of bicycle accidents up to $8,000 in protection (“no-fault”) benefits. These benefits can help pay for medical expenses and loss of wages, and are available even if the driver was not negligent. Other sources to help pay for personal injury claims, medical bills, pain and suffering, and wages lost include a negligent operator’s motor vehicle liability insurance and car insurance. Our lawyers are ready to start getting you what you deserve today.

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