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Salem, Boston and Brookline Modular & Prefabricated Homes Liability Attorneys

Modular Housing in Massachusetts

The Special Regulations for Manufactured Buildings, Building Components and Mobile Homes, which is part of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations, begins with the following note:

"This regulation is unique to Massachusetts."

Consequently, when dealing with litigation concerning modular homes in Massachusetts it is imperative that a party be represented by a firm that has a working knowledge of these regulations.

At Koufman & Frederick, our lawyers are familiar with the case law and regulations that concern modular homes as a result of litigation they have already handled. This litigation dealt with an array of issues involving modular homes, including alleged manufacturing and design defects, problems with the delivery of units, representations with respect to the contractor who purchased and supervised the assembly of a modular home, the set crew that assembled the modular home, and the finish work with respect to the home.

Our attorneys have access to contractors and engineers who have worked as experts in regard to the design, manufacturing, delivery, set-up and finish of modular homes. These experts are also familiar with the intricacies of the Massachusetts law concerning modular homes.

A client of Koufman & Frederick, LLP is Excel Homes, LLC, which is a large custom home builder from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Excel Homes has been building high-quality modular homes since 1984, with a focus on single-family residential housing and a growing presence in multi-family, vacation, 50+ and commercial building construction.

Our attorneys offer you the expertise and accessibility you desire when pursuing your legal interests with respect to modular homes & prefabricated homes. We offer you the edge you need to litigate in a State with intricate laws concerning these homes.

If you have encountered a legal issue that is similar to the issues discussed above, contact us immediately so that we can begin pursuing your interests as soon as possible. By retaining Koufman & Frederick as your legal representative in your modular housing matters, you are securing quality representation at reasonable costs.

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