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Our client base is as diverse as the types of litigation we handle. Our clients are well-served, due to the depth and breadth of our legal knowledge and experience.

We welcome your inquiries about how we can assist with your legal problem. Call our attorneys today at 617-423-2212 .

We Are a Team

After serving together as prosecutors in the Middlesex District Attorney's office, Victor Koufman and James Frederick each practiced at separate firms in the Boston area, and then each began his own firm. In 2003, they joined their firms to create Koufman & Frederick, LLP. Each partner has more than 25 years of legal experience. Our partners, associate attorneys and staff all work together on your team. We work steadfastly toward your goals and the best possible resolution for your situation.

The best possible resolution is different for each of our clients. For a person who is involved in a divorce, it could mean obtaining a desired child custody arrangement. For a person facing criminal charges, it could mean having the charges dropped, negotiating a plea agreement, or proceeding to trial. For an injured person, it could mean obtaining a sizeable monetary settlement. For a business owner, it could mean resolving a breach of contract dispute with a vendor.

As a small law firm, our lawyers take the time to work with you personally. It is through this personal interaction that we are able to assess your goals, determine the best possible resolution and develop a strategy to reach that outcome. With our knowledge and experiences, we are able to pursue your goals while providing quality representation at a cost far more reasonable than larger firms even when handling the most complex cases.

Allow us to pursue your goals by calling us today to schedule your consultation. You can reach us at 978-745-2212. You may also complete an online contact form.

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