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Land Use Lawyers

Land Use - Permits & Variances

Koufman & Frederick, LLP is prepared to represent your interests before local planning boards and boards of appeals with respect to land use issues. We assist citizens who apply for special permits, variances and other relief in order to improve their homes as well as real estate developers, and home builders, who are pursuing more complex projects and developments. We also work with neighbors who oppose the applications for special permits, variances and other relief, which (if allowed) would unreasonably disrupt the neighborhood. Further, we have experience pursuing appeals of decisions of local boards with respect to such matters as the issuances of variances and special permits as well as the division of parcels.

Attorneys at the firm have regularly attended meetings of local boards during the past several years. As such, they are familiar with the trends of those boards, which can be critical with respect to the effective presentation of an application for a permit, variance or other relief involving the use of land. We are familiar with the intricacies of the laws surrounding adverse possession and eminent domain, and have successfully defended the interests of individuals faced with losing property due to government intervention. We are not intimidated by the threat of eminent domain, and by retaining Koufman & Frederick, you will not be either.

In choosing representation for a dispute concerning the use of land, it is of the utmost importance to consider the experience of your potential attorneys. Koufman & Frederick enjoys its unique background in land use law, and our clients enjoy the benefits from this background.

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